I was born in 1974 and I am a strong woman, blessed with a good heart and an open mind.

Judging is foreign to me.

I will not accept laziness, stupidity or games; unless of course they are my own games.

The mind and body are amazing and flexible; it was not until 2006 that I realized just how much so. The mind is a wonderful thing and where it goes the body follows. It is such a powerful and sexual muscle.

I have studied the art of domination and will always continue to do so.
People are so different and individual that each needs a personalized approach.

I love how a man, woman or couple can react and change.
The eyes, with pupils and tears.The lips, with each and every expression; how skin colours from pink to red and can even change texture right in front of you.

The sounds made and how beautiful each is. Then when all is combined it is divine.

I demand obedience in following my lead in exploration, pleasure and or training.

Subservience and slavery are wonderful things but do not need to be the be all and end all.

Some are at the beginning of their journey while others are further along; either way I am here for you.

As mentioned I will not judge you and so I cater for most things.

From the simplest of BDSM, chastity and worship to full slavery and ownership.

Honesty and transparency in all communications before, during and after sessions will be expected and failure to do so will be punished severely.

I devour the new, such as the joy to learn and practice a new skill. New toys are magical and that is where the individual plays his or her part.

As you will see I practice many things and if your specific desire is not in view then just ask me.

Read on.

My eyes are on you and I am ready to walk towards you and make my commands known.

Mistress Tabitha



  1. Wonderful site. Looking forward to watching it grow

  2. Thank you
    I appreciate your feedback
    I would not be here with out you and DD2
    Mistress Tabitha

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